Top 3 All-in-one Video Conferencing Cameras

Sara, Knowledge Producer @ Inknoe
Sara, Knowledge Producer @ Inknoe

All-in-one video conferencing devices house a camera, speakers, and a multitude of microphones in one easy-to-use device, and output via USB to any computers or OnePanel without needing to install any drivers or special software. These work great in smaller meeting rooms or huddle spaces so you don’t have to outfit each space with separate wires and devices for each aspect of the video conferencing experience.

It is no wonder video conferencing is on the rise with more and more remote workers in the workplace and around the globe. Collaboration is still present even when all team members are not in the same location. This is even more present today because of an increase in working from home due to COVID-19. To make these meetings successful, there are quite a few options, so below we have outlined the three best solutions in the market today.

Logitech MeetUp – $899 USD MSRP

profile of logitech meetuyp camera

The MeetUp is compact video conferencing camera system that holds everything you need for your space. What makes it even better is the easy installation process, just use a USB and it will appear as a webcam on your PC or TV.

There is a remote included to control the camera, or you can use the ConferenceCam Soft Remote. You can use the camera to turn on the automatic speaker detection. This feature allows the camera to zoom to the person speaking – automatically. The 4K camera permits 5X digital zoom so the image will become a bit fuzzy if you go the full length. The camera has a range of 120 degrees so everyone in your room can be captured in that wide arc. 

The MeetUp has a 4 meter audio range but it can be extended with an auxiliary microphone. However, because of the size of the Meetup, it doesn’t reach the same audio levels as other solutions because it doesn’t include a very robust speaker system. In addition, the Meetup has bluetooth capability so that it can be used as a speakerphone.

Key Specifications

  • Speaker tracking
  • 3 beamforming microphones
  • 4K PTZ camera with 5X zoom
  • 4 meter microphone range (5 with additional mic)
  • Bluetooth connection

Our Last Word

With excellent sound quality and camera capabilities, the MeetUp is a beneficial system for smaller rooms. Because of its size, it can fit and be moved to any location necessary.

Poly Studio – $949 USD MSRP

poly studio camera

Poly Studio is more of a video bar style than the slightly smaller Logitech MeetUp. Poly has been a well known brand in the AV industry for quite a while.

This device separates itself by containing 6 microphones and the ability to have IP connectivity with their management services. The microphones allow for more refined speaker tracking and correct audio pickup. The audio pickup range is about 3.66 meters. Outside of this “acoustic fence” the device will filter out background noise so that those in the call are only hearing what is most important. 

The camera supports 120 degree viewing angle so the best space for this device is a room for about 8 people for the best quality. Poly Studio’s 4K camera also supports automatic focusing of those speaking in their feature called “People Framing”. In addition, a light on the device tells viewers which way the camera is focused. This device, like the others on this list, connects by a USB cable and can work with any video conferencing solution. 

Key Specifications

  • 4K PTZ camera with 5X zoom
  • Speaker tracking
  • 6 element beamforming microphones
  • Patented NoiseBlock Technology
  • 3.66 meter audio pickup range

Our Last Word

A great tool to integrate into your portfolio if you are already using Poly devices. It is a bit on the larger side, but that holds the excellent audio quality.

The Meeting Owl Pro – $999 USD MSRP

meeting owl pro camera

The Meeting Owl has a different look than the two previous cameras; however, it works just as easily and just as effectively. This is a simple plug-and-play device that warrants no tough installation.

The Owl distinguishes itself by its 360 degree camera. This camera brings inclusivity for those remote workers so that they really feel they are right there in the meeting room. With the Meeting Owl, there is a panorama view at the top of screen while the up close views change depending on who is doing the talking. The ability to see body language of every person in the room is a benefit that bumps this camera up on our list. Its a feature that can really help people understand how the meeting went or idea were taken. 

The Pro version comes with Full HD camera, three high quality speakers, and 8 microphones that allows for an audio pickup range of 5.4 meters. 

Key Specifications

  • 360 degree full HD camera
  • 5.4 meters of audio pickup range
  • 8 smart microphones
  • Speaker Tracking
  • WiFi Connection
  • 360 degree tri speaker

Our Last Word

This solution boasts an easy, yet high quality solution for your rooms. While the camera isn’t as strong as the two above, the portability of the camera makes it an excellent solution if your meeting places change frequently.


Logitech is a great all-around video conferencing camera solution, however, if you are interested in higher quality audio and are ok with a taking on a bigger size, than Poly will work great. If you are looking for something to allow remote workers to really feel immersed as if they were right there in the room, than the Owl is the way to go.

All these solutions are easy to use and compatible with any of your favorite video conferencing platforms, which are usually powered by a Windows PC that has your software installed, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Some interactive displays such as OnePanel have the PC built-in so you don’t need to buy and set up an external computer. In this case, all these cameras can be directly plug into the display.


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