Campus Party 2018

Many athletes and successful people practice meditation. Huge names like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James who are dubbed legends in their sport are not only blessed with an insane gift for basketball ,but are also strong believers and disciples of meditation. It’s no surprise that meditation is gathering so much traction and popularity as seen from its scientifically supported track record of helping individuals regain focus.

Research has shown that meditation has profound benefits including boosting one’s immune system, increasing positive emotions and tuning out distractions. Introducing meditation to students in the classroom setting can help equip students with breathing strategies to refocus their minds on learning. Being able to practice mindfulness allows students to better recollect themselves and gain a greater insight into managing their own thoughts and emotions which is pivotal especially in their adolescent years.

The very first edition of Campus Party Asia was held in Singapore on the 6-8th of July at the Singapore Expo. Campus Party is the world’s largest technological extravaganza which primarily serves as a platform for tech enthusiasts to learn, collaborate and create the future.

The Inknoe Team was excited to be part of the event where we provided our various range of interactive panels to design a co-working space for the Campus Party Participants to come together in a cohesive environment of collaboration and creativity.


With the virtually non-existent learning curve, it was really easy for participants to utilise the interactive panels with simple gestures, get creative and let their imagination flow.



Ideal for collaboration, the Inknoe panels served as a great platform for people to come together to collaborate. The following video features a group of students from Nanyang Polytechnic engaging in active brainstorming via the Inknoe Insight.

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We were also glad to see our co-working space being pleasantly received by the younger audience present at the event. The various students and children who visited the booth turned the co-working space into an interactive playground where they could create, collaborate and learn from each other. Apart from its educational and corporate features, the Inknoe Panel was also clearly a popularly received by the younger audience for entertainment and games.



We had a great time sharing our expertise and watching the audience actively participate in our booth. Looking forward to the next editions of Campus Party Asia

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