How Inknoe Transforms Events in Singapore Expo

Singapore Expo, being one of the most renowned convention centres in Singapore, holds many large scale events on a daily basis. Audience size of the events varies from thousands to tens of thousands, and guess what every visitor needs to do? Register themselves before entering the event venue.

The self-registration process can be quite tiring, from queuing, to key in personal info, to badge printing. This time, SingEx seeks to change the situation by adding some technology sparks into the registration process. They rented 22″ Keynote panels from Inknoe, put them all in portrait mode like giant smart phones, and created a touch friendly registration and lucky draw app to run on the panels. The Keynote panels integrate Windows 10 PCs with USB ports (to connect printers and other peripherals), Wi-Fi, speakers and on-screen keyboards to facilitate everything visitors would need during registration. They catered over 60,000 visitors in the PlayLah! and SITEX events and most visitors commented this is the first fun registration and lucky draw they have experienced!

If you are keen to use Inknoe’s touchscreens to add value to your event or exhibition, feel free to contact us. We provide hardware rental of touchscreens from 22″ to 86″ and customize fun interactive experience to boost traffic significantly for your next event.

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