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The Inknoe Team was honoured to host Minister Aslanbek Amrin, the Vice-Minister of Education and Science in the Republic of Kazakhstan, at our showroom today.


The Inknoe team together with Minister Aslanbek Amrin, from the Republic of KazakhstanMinister Amrin shared the exciting progress being made towards revolutionising classrooms across Kazakhstan, and we were delighted that he found our products to be so appealing for their schools. In particular, the Minister was impressed with the ability for our technology to bring teachers & students together, in a spirit of collaboration that has been missing from classrooms all around the world.

Inknoe & Sauwat Distribution will together spread Inknoe products to Kazakhstan (pictured: the capital, Astana)

Through our discussions, Minister Amrin also proposed applications for Inknoe products in the Defence Force for strategic field exercises, due to the ruggedized nature of our hardware. We discussed the importance of efficient communication for commanders during operational activities, and it was exciting to learn that our products could truly add value to so many sectors.

Thanks to this discussion, Inknoe has commenced a joint partnership with Sauwat Distribution, a respected Kazakh institution, to help promote & distribute our products in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We look forward to a fruitful partnership in the years to come, as Inknoe starts to expand overseas!

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