Inknoe Launches HybridBoard

Most K-12 schools have these things in common: 30-40 pax classroom capacity, a few dozens of classrooms, most equipped with projectors. OnePanel is a great product as it delivers the best display performance, but the 4K UHD screens make it difficult for most schools to scale the interactive experience.

Hence, today we are so proud to introduce a new member of our product family: HybridBoard, the multi-touch interactive whiteboard specially designed for K-12 classrooms. The following characteristics have made it a perfect fit for the classrooms mentioned above:

  • Larger size: to cater medium to large rooms, HybridBoard is designed to have 3 different sizes: 82″, 96″, 104″
  • Use with existing projectors: it works with ANY projector. You don’t need to buy an extra interactive projector, or install anything on your existing projector
  • Finger touch: the touch technology is the same as OnePanel. Plug & Play, with direct finger sensing. No driver install, no special stylus
  • Hybrid use: when you don’t need to use the board digitally, it’s a writable analogue whiteboard. Use normal markers and dusters and be worry free about damaging the surface
  • Cost effective: HybridBoard costs a fraction of the interactive whiteboards with screens, which makes it a super scalable solution

Talk to us today and find out more. We will be showcasing HybridBoard at ICTLT 2018 end of the month, so book your appointment now!

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