Inknoe Meets SiTF Book Launch

There are so many different book launches happening in the world and almost all of them ask the Guest of Honours to sign their names on the front page to mark the important launch moment. Recently, the SiTF (Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation) published a new book called The Smart Nation and they have planned a different flavour for the launch.

The technology organization approached Inknoe because they want to create a digital book signing experience for the GOH, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information. We are very honoured to be part of the digital signing experience, and proposed our pen & touch OnePanel 65.

Today, many extinguished guests gathered to witness the book launch as an important milestone towards Singapore’s Smart Nation drive. After a tremendously exciting drum-roll moment, the secretive front cover of The Smart Nation was unveiled to the audience on the panel. Dr. Ibrahim then digitally autographed the book, marking the start of the digital Smart Nation.

We are really honoured to witness and be part of the moment.

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