Welcome to Day 1 of a brand new ICTLT experience!

This time, in MOE’s biennial ICTLT (International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology), Inknoe is showcasing the new member of our product range: the HybridBoard, specially designed for MOE school classrooms.

Compared to OnePanel, HybridBoard is a much more scalable solution as instead of the 4K LED screen, we are using Polyvision’s CaramicSteel as the projection surface. It works with any projector, and the surface has been used to make the best whiteboards in the world. Imagine what you have got now: a hybrid device, normal marker whiteboard when used non-electronically, and a multi-touch digital whiteboard with the connection of a plug & play USB. Check out more details of HybridBoard in this post.

Apart from HybridBoard, we are also showcasing whole lot of other cool stuff, including a mock-up recording studio featuring our Keynote pen and touch presentation podium. Do drop by our booth and experience Inknoe’s Future Classroom!

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