Recently, Inknoe participated in the biennial ICTLT (International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology) organized by the Ministry of Education. The ICTLT serves as a strategic platform for educators to provide thought leadership and champion the effective use of technology for 21st century learning.



Inknoe’s Booth at the ICTLT venue, showcasing our Insight and Keynote Panels and the Hybrid Whiteboard.

Our team at Inknoe were excited to have the privilege of showcasing our hardware and software solutions and sharing our technical expertise with the many educators and industry experts who were there at our booth in Resorts World Sentosa. Many of the audience were interested in knowing how they could integrate our various Inknoe solutions into their existing classroom infrastructure to enhance the learning environment for their students.

One of the most popular products that the crowd raved about was the recently launched Inknoe Hybrid Whiteboard. Many who were interested were compelled by the functionality, versatility and most of all the affordability of the Hybrid Whiteboard. Check out the following short to see a short-demo on the cool features and functionality of the Hybrid Whiteboard.


To play this video, view this post from your live site.



Part of our booth at the ICTLT 2018 also included a set-up to stimulate a recording studio to film a flipped learning video. Here are some photos taken at our Inknoe booth.



It was a really exciting few days of learning for us at the ICTLT 2018 and we are honored to have been part of this experience.

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