NUS CIT Recording Studio

The concept of Flipped Learning
is one of the hottest in the ed-tech space at the moment, and Inknoe has developed solutions that meet the needs of any flipped learning recording studio.

The AV installation at the NUS ‘Flipped Learning’ recording studio at UTown.
Case in point – we just finished a project at the National University of Singapore, to re-fit their recording studios with Inknoe hardware. The facility, located at the Centre for Instructional Technologies on the NUS campus, featured several recording studios equipped with cutting-edge AV solutions. However, the studio only allowed for recording of the lecturers, with no capability for the lecturer to view, annotate or interact with their slides & digital content.

The Flipped Learning paradigm, encouraging collaboration & interactivity in class. That’s what we stand for!

Without this interaction capability, the resultant recordings were bereft of interactive scrolling, zooming or dragging, causing them to become quite dull for the students! Moreover, the content itself was simple PowerPoint slides, without the interactivity needed to allow lecturers to efficiently
their students.

The recording studio at NUS after installing an Inknoe Keynote 32″ with Stand, pre-installed with Windows 10 and Inknoe SmartCanvas software, the ideal solution for Flipped Learning.

At this stage, the Inknoe team stepped in to provide our Keynote Series Interactive Panels, featuring 10-point multi-touch and our own active pressure stylus with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. We bundled our hardware together with our Inknoe SmartCanvas software, allowing lecturers to add interactive digital content to their recordings. This meant that lecturers were not only able to annotate on their PowerPoint slides during recordings, but also slip in interactive content such as image manipulation (swiping, zooming, dragging), as well as the ability to write on videos. The following video below is a sample Flipped Classroom video made with an Inknoe Keynote 32″ Interactive Panel.
To play this video, view this post from your live site.

We spoke with a few Professors afterwards and they were impressed with the power of Inknoe’s hardware & software, working together in harmony to allow for the development of engaging flipped learning videos. Check out one of the recordings made on an Inknoe panel below, or reach out to us on more info on other installations like this one.

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