Playlah! 2016

Inknoe recently sponsored the 2016 PlayLah! Festival as part of the National Day festivities, organised by SingEx Exhibitions, providing 8x 22” Interactive Panels as a way of giving back to the local community. Our Panels were used for visitor registration, with over
5000 individuals
having the chance to enjoy the interactivity provided by our touchscreens.

Inknoe Keynote Series touchscreens used to add interactivity & improve throughput of visitor registration

Not only did our Panels provide a novel new way for visitors to interact with the event, but they also made the entire registration process a breeze, speeding up queues & reducing bottlenecks. Our clients, SingEx Exhibitions, were delighted that visitors enjoyed a streamlined registration process and, as a result, were able to use their manpower more effectively in other areas.

Our whole team had a blast attending the Festival & interacting with all of the visitors, many of whom commented how much they loved the efficient & fun new sign-up process. We look forward to working closely with SingEx Exhibitions for other events in the future!


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