SITEX 2016

This week, Inknoe had a chance to work with one of our favourite partners, SingEx Exhibitions, for one of their
flagship events,
SITEX 2016.

Inknoe Keynote panels used for the lucky draw event at SITEX 2016

This year, SingEx wanted to mix it up a bit, boosting audience engagement at SITEX with the addition of a lucky draw event. Naturally, they reached out to us, and we were only too happy to provide an interactive solution to enable this.Whether you’re running a small business or a large magazine publication, add multiple writers to grow your content and keep it fresh and diversified.

Inknoe Panels running a Windows-based lucky draw game

We were delighted to sponsor 8 Keynote Series Interactive Panels for use by attendees, fully equipped with a Windows Operating System, making it a breeze to open & interact with SingEx’s web-based registration form.

Over 10,000 attendees used our Interactive Panels during the SITEX event
Over 10,000 attendees used our Interactive Panels over the course of the SITEX event, with
not a single fault registered
with any of our Panels. The use of a natural touchscreen environment was well appreciated by all of our guests, who found it much easier to register their details with our touch-based keyboard, rather than filling out a handwritten form. SingEx staff were also happy that they didn’t need to manually enter in over 10,000 responses!

Inknoe Panels showing no signs of wear & tear even after being handled by 10,000 guests!

SingEx commented later that there was a stark increase in user activity as compared to the previous year, and thanked us for providing such an eye-catching & durable solution. We look forward to working closely with SingEx in the coming years!

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