How Wireless Presentation Systems Create Productive Meetings

Sara, Knowledge Producer @ Inknoe
Sara, Knowledge Producer @ Inknoe

In Doodle’s 2019 State of Meetings report, they suggested that visual stimuli, such as videos and presentations, are a key element in successful meetings. A successful meeting is one that is efficient and productive. A great way to be productive in meetings by showing those visual stimuli, is to use a Wireless Presentation System (WPS). These solutions create a seamless collaborative experience in your meeting room. Here’s why WPSs can alter your meeting room forever:

Allow for more effective use of time

Traditionally, to present information in a meeting you must connect your laptop to a projector with a VGA or HDMI cable. But what if your computer connection is different than the cord available? This often creates stress and a bit of embarrassment for all involved. With a WPS, those worries disappear, creating a stress-free, hassle-free environment. This enables a quicker start to meetings, with a push of a button you can begin presenting your information. To switch presenters, it is just as seamless. There is no more need for cable management before, during, or after your meeting.

“Saying goodbye to wires in the meeting room creates a stress-free, hassle-free environment.

And of course, if the wire is short, all presenters normally will have to be in the same seated location. Time spent moving around and getting reorganized is eliminated with a WPS. Feel free to sit where you please and still be able to present information, no matter the distance. Stay focused on the information at hand, instead of worrying on how to connect. With a table clear of cables, it is easier for everyone to stay focused and collaborative, instead of worrying how to connect their device or feeling cluttered.

Information can be presented from any device

With the usage of wires, you were limited to only laptops to show information. But what if you had content to share that was on your cell phone, or tablet? In the past you would email the content to yourself to open on your computer, and then share with the group. To us, that is too many steps for a process that can be solved in one step of sharing instead.

“A seamless transition will go miles.

WPSs have the ability to share your screen from a wider range of devices. Especially in today’s workplace, where bring your own device (BYOD) environments are commonplace, a solution is needed to be able to continue to share information in the best way possible. Using only the push of a button, your information can be shared, no matter what device. No matter if it is iOS, Android, PC, or Mac there is a WPS that can do work for them all together.

Increase in interactivity and collaboration

Wireless Presentation Systems have the ability to share audio, video, and graphical information. Because most solutions also allow for annotating on screen, your ideas can come across visually and clearly so everyone is on the same page. Many devices have a Whiteboard application that you can use to begin a brainstorming session where all participants can see the notes. This creates more interactivity and collaboration which leads to a more open discussion and better results. Collaboration and interactivity are two key points in creating a productive meeting. If your employees are engaged, they will be less likely to multitask.

Many WPSs allows for presenting of more than one screen. When you can share all the supporting information together, all participants can see the whole picture and be on the same page. A good WPS will allow multiple input sources so that there is no need to be swapping connectors.

COVID-19: Because of COVID-19 we have seen a rapid increase of working from home and with video conferencing. The great news is that WPS also works with Video Conferencing so that even though your team isn't together, you all still see and understand the same information.


As you can see, a good wireless presentation system does not just remove the wires, it is a productivity tool. It speeds up your meetings, allows seamless presentation from any devices, and increases interactivity and collaboration among meeting participants.

If you are looking for a WPS to transform your meetings, be sure to check our e-book on the 5 must-ask questions to help you find the right one.


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