Side view of HybridBoard Interactive Board


Interactive smart board, reinvented

Interactive smart board, reinvented. Inknoe HybridBoard is the next-gen interactive smart board that inherits all the beauties from touchscreens, plug & play, finger sensing, multi-touch, and it works with any projector and supports digital/analogue dual use. You can’t find a possibly more powerful interactive board.

Side view of HybridBoard Interactive Board


Plug & Play



A Board with Touchscreen Technology

Unlike its predecessors, HybridBoard does not require you to use any special digitizer stylus. It is equipped with the same touchscreen technology as Inknoe’s other products: OnePanel and Keynote. Working on HybridBoard is as intuitive, responsive and collaborative as working on touchscreens.

A man manipulating multiple images on HybridBoard - interactive board

Simple Plug & Play

HybridBoard’s touchscreen technology is plug & play. There’s absolutely no driver to install, no software to load, and not even a restart of computer is needed. Once the USB cable is plugged into your PC/Mac, the interactive board will respond to your touches instantly.

Work with any Projector

The beauty of HybridBoard is that it works with any projector you may have, be it long throw, short throw or ultra-short throw. You do not need to replace your existing projector if it is still functioning well.

An illustration shows that HybridBoard interactive board works with any projector

Marker Compatible

HybridBoard is designed both as a digital interactive board and an analog whiteboard. Powered by PolyVision e3 CeramicSteel, you can use marker pens to write on it like a normal whiteboard, except that the surface is more matt, optimized for projection purposes.

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Two young students writing with marker pen on HybridBoard interactive board

Powerful Digital Inking

Now you can interactively control your PC from the smart board and perform digital inking. No matter if you use HybridBoard for teaching, training or meeting purpose, Inknoe’s Annotate software has got you covered. Write anywhere on your content and save annotations digitally.

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Collaboration Made Easy

Thanks to HybridBoard’s large size and its 10-point multi-touch, collaboration on the interactive board becomes easy and natural. It is especially good for classrooms: design learning activities and let students work on the board collaboratively for a more productive and engaging experience.

Group of young students collaboratively drawing on Inknoe HybridBoard interactive board

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82" - 104"

Board sizes


Concurrent multi-touch points


Projector comptibility

USB 2.0

Touch cable interface

2 Surfaces

CeramicSteel, PVC Steel


Touch precision


Plug and play


Special stylus requirement