Front view of Inknoe Keynote


Interactive digital presentation podium

Inknoe Keynote is an All-In-One interactive digital podium designed for every presentation venue, from small seminar rooms to huge conference theatres. It is a smart touch display with embedded PC that speakers can present with, and it connects to any displays or AV system.

Front view of Inknoe Keynote


Embedded PC


Active Stylus

Presentation Podium for the Future

Stop putting your laptop on the podium. Inknoe Keynote is a presentation podium that comes with a dedicated Full HD display, a high power embedded PC, a multi-touch interface, and a simplistic sleek design that every presenter will fall in love with.

Inknoe Keynote on a stage

Massive Screen Real Estate

Compared to personal devices, Inknoe Keynote features a much larger screen size for presenters to view their content comfortably. You can now spend less time looking at the big screen behind but more time facing your audience.

Size comparison of Keynote and Ipad

Multi-touch your Content

Thanks to the interactive touch display, presenters can self-control their speech at ease. Together with PowerPoint presenter view, you can see and navigate slides, toggle laser pointer or pens, check speaker’s notes, all within a few finger touches.

A professor teaching using keynote in a lecture theatre

Digital Inking on Slides

Presenters who want to annotate on slides can make use of Inknoe’s Annotate add-in. Select various inking tools and illustrate on slides to build a strong engagement with audience. In case you need to use a whiteboard, we’ve got that covered too.

Digital inking with Inknoe Keynote

Rich Input and Output

The Inknoe Keynote has a full Windows PC embedded, with rich I/O connections you’ll ever need. Pay attention to the 6 USB ports, which allow you to connect all kinds of accessories, from USB drives to clickers, to keyboard and mouse.

Illustration of Inknoe Keynote ports

Deploy in Various Use Cases

The beauty of Keynote interactive podium is that it works with all kinds of displays, be it TVs, projector screens, LED video walls or even multiple screens. Therefore it can be deployed in all use cases where presentations are held.

Conference Halls

Seminar Rooms

Lecture Theatres

Recording Studios

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Knowledge Base

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Screen sizes




Active stylus pressure sensitivity


Concurrent multi-touch points

30,000 hrs

Display lifespan


Fast Solid State Drive storage


Wireless-AC network

i5 / i7

Intel powered internal PC