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Using SmartCanvas as a digital whiteboard on OnePanel

Sara, Knowledge Producer @ Inknoe
Sara, Knowledge Producer @ Inknoe

Smart Panels have replaced most whiteboards in meeting rooms and huddle spaces because of their versatility and upgraded technology. With OnePanel, you can continue to brainstorm with your teams and share ideas with others in an enhanced way using SmartCanvas.

The Basics

SmartCanvas is a pretty simple digital whiteboard with enough options to have what you need without becoming too overwhelming. The toolbar that holds all of your tools, from pens and highlighters to rulers and protractors, you have everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

SmartCanvas interface

When a team gets together to discuss ideas, or when your students come up to the whiteboard to work out a problem together, likely multiple people will doodle at the same time. This doesn’t have to change when you are using OnePanel. SmartCanvas is optimized for Multi-Point Touch even when a lot of touch points are involved (OnePanel supports up to 40 touch points) so that your workflow stays similar.

Unlike a traditional whiteboard, SmartCanvas doesn’t always have to have a white background. You can have graph paper and use the ruler and protractor or a black background to create a blackboard and use the white pen also.

When you are using SmartCanvas, you won’t have to worry running out of space because there is no limit to the number of whiteboard pages you can have. All of your information is safe without fear of being erased and lost.

The Extras – Adding Digital Content

gif illustration of SmartCanvas screen capture feature

A distinct difference of a digital whiteboard compared to its analog counterpart is that it supports digital content. And for a whiteboard application, the most common type of digital content is an image. With images and other types of content, it makes the discussion so much easier. You can annotate on existing materials, such as diagrams, graphs, floor plans, or worksheets while with analog whiteboards you can only have a blank piece of paper.

Most whiteboard apps allow you to add images on local drive, but SmartCanvas doesn’t stop there. We provide in total 3 ways for you to add images.

  • Insert from your local drive: use this if you have the images already prepared before the meeting/discussion
  • Snapshot part of the screen: to discuss anything on the screen in-depth, you can easily crop out the area of interest, and insert it into SmartCanvas for annotation
  • Online image search: this is super useful for brainstorming. We’ve embedded an image search engine into SmartCanvas so there is no need to go to a browser. Do it right within SmartCanvas and add the images to the whiteboard

To continue your whiteboarding session, all of this digital content can be moved, resized, and locked into place.

gif illustration of SmartCanvas multi-touch feature

Saving & Sharing

In most situations, when people are done with their whiteboarding session, the only way to save a copy of the information is to take a physical photograph.

Whiteboarding digitally upgrades this experience. You and your team members can easily get a digital PDF of this file by QR code or email. This PDF version of the whiteboard contains crystal clear pages with every ink stroke and image pixel you created. From here you can share the PDF with your coworkers/students easily.

gif illustration of SmartCanvas QR scan sharing feature

When to use SmartCanvas & when to use MS Whiteboard

OnePanel runs on Windows 10, so MS Whiteboard is included. MS Whiteboard is another great digital whiteboard application; however, there are different use cases for SmartCanvas and for MS Whiteboard.

For teaching or training with one presenter, use SmartCanvas. It’s a free software included with every OnePanel purchase. It is such a lightweight software that results in a quicker and smoother performance than MS Whiteboard.

Because of its simple interface, you can use SmartCanvas to the max. No need to get worried about long training sessions or stressed about learning new software. This sometimes happens with MS Whiteboard because of its many sophisticated tools and different templates for you to choose from.

MS Whiteboard is a great tool for online collaboration. You can work remotely with your team both synchronously and asynchronously. So when you need to connect with others, not in the same room, MS Whiteboard is the way to go. However, when you are in the same room, SmartCanvas will be a better option. Multitouch is better supported in SmartCanvas which results ion less lagging and time-wasting.

To learn more about the different features of OnePanel, feel free to check out our tutorial guides. We would love to hear from you – leave us a comment or drop an email anytime!

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